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Android Video Streaming Brought by the Mobile Phone Technology

Android Video Streaming, . Android phones

Android video streaming is more popular these days as this is brought by the mobile technology. Truly, technology has come a long way in the past few years. Users are allowed to do all of the operations that are normally done on a personal computer. Truly, Android technology is the best among the technologies introduced today. Just like the computer, ... Read More »

Pardon? Why Language Learning Could Become Obsolete


Imagine having a Babel fish in your ear, translating any foreign language into English. Skype Translator is not doing that, says David Crookes, but it will achieve the next best thing Anyone who has yet tried to build a phone call to someone who does not speak the same language will understand the inherent frustration and difficulties. Amid the pauses caused by trying ... Read More »

Nine steps to mitigate damage from a network hack

hacking, network, data, security, technology

  If the right security infrastructure or solution is not in place, a breach is almost certain to occur putting critical business information at risk of being misused and stolen. We enlist the rearguard action for such a scenario…  In today’s scenario, the risk of experiencing a breach has almost become inevitable in every business networks of varied sizes with ... Read More »

iOS 8 SDK to bring a wave of changes to the platform

iOS 8 SDK, Apple, App Store, App, mobile phone, iOS, rumour, app, apps

Apple announced the release of iOS 8 SDK at WWDC, the largest update so far consisting of 4,000 new APIs WWDC 2014 was detained from June 2 to 6, 2014 at Moscow West in San Francisco. Apple claims were their biggest update until now since the start on of the App Store. The keynote focused on OS X’s latest iteration ... Read More »

Election And Digital Technology

Election 2014, India, Social Media, Digital Technology

Internet technology has increased in prevalence in the coming election in 2014 to promote greater use of social networking has been falling. Digital technology has given the marked new applications now touch politics . Used on the Internet and mobile game applications on a variety of topics has been a political touch . “Such as a chair, cricket can be ... Read More »

New Fingerprinting Technique can Identify Suspect’s Gender

Scientists interested in print , such as the hair of a man or woman and had to leave by identifying products that could say that the future of the new fingerprinting technique is developed . West Yorkshire Police is being trialed by the technology , the print was missing via a male or female to determine with 85 percent accuracy whether that ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes