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Apple may fully dump Google for Bing or Yahoo search in Safari

Apple, Google Search, Siri, iOS, Microsoft, Tech

It is no key that The apple has been trying to shift away from Look for Google incorporation in its items for a while now. The first shift was to present Siri, which used solutions like Wolfram Leader and Howl for as much as it could, before failure to Look for Google. Then, The apple  eliminated YouTube and Look for ... Read More »

Most useful HTML5 mobile hacks and tricks

Firefox OS, Android Phones, BlackBerry OS, Google Maps, Gmail, Windows 8, Tricks, Tips, HTML5

Unknown too many web designers and developers, there are several hacks to improve the mobile experience. Maximiliano Firtman talks through his top hacks and tricks. The mobile web is a odd world: dozens of browsers, editions, display sizes, undocumented features, bugs and fresh troubles. That is why, in a number of conditions, we require breaking some restrictions to accomplish our ... Read More »

Mobile OS: The Mirage that Engulfs Your Choice

Mobile Phone OS, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Smartphone, Motorola, Android One, Android L, Microsoft, Google

A plethora of mobile platforms are on the cusp of making the smartphone space a lot more intuitive. The smartphone evolution started with Android, then iOS came to fore and at present you have around 4-5 mobile operating systems (OS) that are looking to catch your attention in myriad ways. BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone 8, Firefox OS are some of ... Read More »

Remove Scrap and Unused Files from Your Phone and Tablet

junk files, apps, remove junk files, mobile phone, tablet, iOS, Android Phones, iPhone junk files, iPad junk files, phone junk files

Clearing clutter from your mobile devices keeps them running smoothly and safely. Explains the easiest free ways to clean and speed up your mobile phones and tablets. It’s not just our PCs that can become sluggish over time if we don’t perform regular maintenance. Phones and tablets also accumulate clutter from everyday use, which can slow them down and leave ... Read More »

Get the best windows tools on Android

Windows Media Player, VLC Player, Windows Phone

Turn your mobile phones or tablet into pocket-sized PC by adding your favourite Windows features to the mobile OS. We explain how. Get Windows 8-style home screen Aside from the latest HTC handsets, such as the HTC One (, a lot of the Android gadgets on the market can look a bit samey, whereas the colourful Windows-powered Nokia Lumias are ... Read More »

Get Yosemite features on OS X 10.9

Find out how to revamp your Mac’s look and feel, take calls on your Mac and much more A great thing about Macs is the fantastic software developers create. They often try to solve common problems and improve your Mac experience – just like Apple. Logically, then, their ideas sometimes mirror Apple’s own and this handily enables immediate access to ... Read More »

iOS 8 SDK to bring a wave of changes to the platform

iOS 8 SDK, Apple, App Store, App, mobile phone, iOS, rumour, app, apps

Apple announced the release of iOS 8 SDK at WWDC, the largest update so far consisting of 4,000 new APIs WWDC 2014 was detained from June 2 to 6, 2014 at Moscow West in San Francisco. Apple claims were their biggest update until now since the start on of the App Store. The keynote focused on OS X’s latest iteration ... Read More »

Use these 5 apps for details about unknown private caller

smartphones, android, apps, unknown number, mobile phones, ios

If you’re unaware that the phone is repeatedly harassing her and did not want to receive, information about a number of concerns had not required. There is a figure of smart-phone apps that may be useful. Android and iOS users can get apps in the OS. It’s easy to obtain details of private number information. It does not have any ... Read More »

What will You be Free From Your Weakness?

Mobile Apps, Android, Bad Habits, Smoking, Apple, Google Store

It’s time to break your bad habits at all. With the help of mobile apps, you, quit smoking cigarettes, stop biting your nails and shape up your exercise regimen can find a good mover. Here you can break with the help of your smartphone is eight more. 1. Cigarette smoking The addiction is tough to beat. You pills, patches and ... Read More »

Nokia X review: Four Reasons why You Shouldn’t Mistake this for Android

What in the world is coming . I have a new Nokia phone is switched on and the first thing I see is the BlackBerry Messenger . And I think this is a Nokia , Android phone was the fact that it was mentioned . Yes , some people in Finland believed that Nokia phones running Google’s operating system version ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes