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Google Publicizes Android Wear Update With Wi-Fi Support, Always-On Apps, And More

Android Wear, Google

It has been a while since Android Wear got any significant up-dates, but nowadays Google is introducing a big one. A new edition of Wear will be moving out over the arriving several weeks that has a number of formerly said functions (like WiFi support) and some all new things (like always-on apps). Most Wear gadgets use the always-on normal ... Read More »

Four Nastiest Errors in Latest gadgets Android Lollipop Version

Android 5.0 Lollipop, OS, Gadgets, Errors, New Version,

Android 5.0 Lollipop is now simultaneous us, and while you might be enjoying at all the new functions you can take benefits of, you might also be cursing at the condition that the new OS has remaining your program in. We’ve rounded up the most typical Android Lollipop issues so far, together with the repairs you can try to get ... Read More »

Apple may fully dump Google for Bing or Yahoo search in Safari

Apple, Google Search, Siri, iOS, Microsoft, Tech

It is no key that The apple has been trying to shift away from Look for Google incorporation in its items for a while now. The first shift was to present Siri, which used solutions like Wolfram Leader and Howl for as much as it could, before failure to Look for Google. Then, The apple  eliminated YouTube and Look for ... Read More »

Google now just got smarter with Android

Google Now, Smartphone, Android, Apps

One of the key Android features that has undergone constant change since its debut a couple of years back is Google Now. As an alternative to the standard search function, Google Now provides an enriched and fuller search experience, which also links in well with a plethora of first and third-party apps. In Android L, Google Now has been revamped to ... Read More »

Android One: Google’s master-plan for the next billion users

Android One, Mobile phones, Firefox OS, smartphone, Google, Google Play Store, KitKat, Nexus, gadget, hardware, Nokia X, Lumia, app, Microsoft, Apple Mobile

One platform to rule them all? How Google plans to conquer the growing market in Asia and beyond  Google treated us to a load of fresh statements at I/O this year, other than one of the most vital initiatives for Google’s mobile future was simply missed, as it wasn’t straight aimed at the US and European markets.  Key features Low cost: Google promises ... Read More »

Google is plunking down 50 million to teach girls programming

Made With Code is a new Google initiative to encourage girl programmers Google held this new event called Made With Code in New York City recently to spread the love for programming among the fairer sex. Given that only 18% of computer science degrees are earned by women, Google is taking steps to increase that statistic and close the gender ... Read More »

Must be alerted about these five things

Facebook users, Google, Google Glass, apps, news feed, GPS, 3D Printing gun, Self drive cars, Self guided Bullets

Most of the time, we’re fans of technology, but sometimes things come along that make us wonder. Here are some of the worst  1. Facebook Experiments Ever since we all started handing over ludicrous amounts of our personal information to web companies, there have people who have warned us against it Your privacy is being eroded, they told us. Your ... Read More »

Search apps in Google, Bing and Yahoo for iOS

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Search engines are the maps of the internet. In that they tell us how to get to where we want to go. If a site doesn’t appear in the first five to ten pages of a search engines results, after that it might since well not live. Google dominates the search space, of course, but Bing is nibbling at its ... Read More »

Most useful HTML5 mobile hacks and tricks

Firefox OS, Android Phones, BlackBerry OS, Google Maps, Gmail, Windows 8, Tricks, Tips, HTML5

Unknown too many web designers and developers, there are several hacks to improve the mobile experience. Maximiliano Firtman talks through his top hacks and tricks. The mobile web is a odd world: dozens of browsers, editions, display sizes, undocumented features, bugs and fresh troubles. That is why, in a number of conditions, we require breaking some restrictions to accomplish our ... Read More »

Mobile OS: The Mirage that Engulfs Your Choice

Mobile Phone OS, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Smartphone, Motorola, Android One, Android L, Microsoft, Google

A plethora of mobile platforms are on the cusp of making the smartphone space a lot more intuitive. The smartphone evolution started with Android, then iOS came to fore and at present you have around 4-5 mobile operating systems (OS) that are looking to catch your attention in myriad ways. BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone 8, Firefox OS are some of ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes