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Google Maps Allows Users To Batch Publish Several Images And Cover up Planned Plans From Location Displays

Google Maps

Regular tourists know Google Maps all too well. It’s one of the most commonly used apps on Android for a purpose. A product new upgrade to edition Google Maps v9.8 just appeared, and there are a few significant changes to take a look at. This launch seems to be devoted to fine-tuning different areas of the interface, so there are ... Read More »

Use external plug-ins in Sunrise Calendar App

Sunrise connects with some of the best third-party apps on the Play store Sunrise Calendar App is a new addition to the Google Play store, but it already sits as one of the premier calendar apps available to Android users, second only to the fantastic Gmail. The app offers a minimalist view of your calendar, and although it offers all ... Read More »

Google now just got smarter with Android

Google Now, Smartphone, Android, Apps

One of the key Android features that has undergone constant change since its debut a couple of years back is Google Now. As an alternative to the standard search function, Google Now provides an enriched and fuller search experience, which also links in well with a plethora of first and third-party apps. In Android L, Google Now has been revamped to ... Read More »

Most useful HTML5 mobile hacks and tricks

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Unknown too many web designers and developers, there are several hacks to improve the mobile experience. Maximiliano Firtman talks through his top hacks and tricks. The mobile web is a odd world: dozens of browsers, editions, display sizes, undocumented features, bugs and fresh troubles. That is why, in a number of conditions, we require breaking some restrictions to accomplish our ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes