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Facebook is not in, teens hooked to instant messaging

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NEW YORK: A Research including 170,000 web customers across 32 nations has found that more and more youngsters are investing more time on instant messaging apps than on Facebook. Nearly 66% of youngsters (aged 16-19) in the U. S. Declares and England said they were using Facebook less frequently. While the youngsters are not off the public media website completely, ... Read More »

Must be alerted about these five things

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Most of the time, we’re fans of technology, but sometimes things come along that make us wonder. Here are some of the worst  1. Facebook Experiments Ever since we all started handing over ludicrous amounts of our personal information to web companies, there have people who have warned us against it Your privacy is being eroded, they told us. Your ... Read More »

Search apps in Google, Bing and Yahoo for iOS

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Search engines are the maps of the internet. In that they tell us how to get to where we want to go. If a site doesn’t appear in the first five to ten pages of a search engines results, after that it might since well not live. Google dominates the search space, of course, but Bing is nibbling at its ... Read More »

Most useful HTML5 mobile hacks and tricks

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Unknown too many web designers and developers, there are several hacks to improve the mobile experience. Maximiliano Firtman talks through his top hacks and tricks. The mobile web is a odd world: dozens of browsers, editions, display sizes, undocumented features, bugs and fresh troubles. That is why, in a number of conditions, we require breaking some restrictions to accomplish our ... Read More »

LinkedIn Is Changing How India Works… Are you on it?

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  In 2011, Purvish Diwanji, the then34-year-old director of Satyajit Chemicals, a Rs.35 crore agrochemicals business based in Navi Mumbai, set up a LinkedIn page for his company. The big idea was to use LinkedIn as most people did-to recruit. As things turned out, all the applications were unsatisfactory. But the clutter of unsuitable resumes, there was an unexpected communication ... Read More »

Vine Messaging Feature Will Not Directly Compete with Instagram

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Vine short video sharing service that is set to compete with Instagram has added a new direct messaging feature. Vine users upload, upload short video clips via mobile phone to browse and see that there is a short video sharing based social network. Today, Vine, Android and iOS platforms for the application of the new reform push. Vine messages you ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes