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Google Publicizes Android Wear Update With Wi-Fi Support, Always-On Apps, And More

Android Wear, Google

It has been a while since Android Wear got any significant up-dates, but nowadays Google is introducing a big one. A new edition of Wear will be moving out over the arriving several weeks that has a number of formerly said functions (like WiFi support) and some all new things (like always-on apps). Most Wear gadgets use the always-on normal ... Read More »

Check Out of Android Lollipop’s Interesting New Function

Android Lollipop, OS, Google, Apps, Android

We might not have been this thrilled as kids to have a sweets lollipop as much as we are to have the newest Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade setup on to our gadgets. The time lastly came when our Android OS would get a fast transformation and provide us with either some simple; or luxurious changes. But are these changes going ... Read More »

Share contacts between Android devices and iOS devices with ContactBox

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Create and download contact lists from iOS to Android devices Lots of people think that when you move from iOS to Android that you’re going to have to manually type all your old contact’s telephone numbers into your new device. Not only is this a painstakingly slow process if you have a huge number of stored details, there’s also a much ... Read More »

Use external plug-ins in Sunrise Calendar App

Sunrise connects with some of the best third-party apps on the Play store Sunrise Calendar App is a new addition to the Google Play store, but it already sits as one of the premier calendar apps available to Android users, second only to the fantastic Gmail. The app offers a minimalist view of your calendar, and although it offers all ... Read More »

Must be alerted about these five things

Facebook users, Google, Google Glass, apps, news feed, GPS, 3D Printing gun, Self drive cars, Self guided Bullets

Most of the time, we’re fans of technology, but sometimes things come along that make us wonder. Here are some of the worst  1. Facebook Experiments Ever since we all started handing over ludicrous amounts of our personal information to web companies, there have people who have warned us against it Your privacy is being eroded, they told us. Your ... Read More »

Three apps to secure smartphones for professional use

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Convert smartphones into secure devices for professional use with ease Most employers are now allowing employees to bring their devices in the office for work but the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept raises security risks. Also, employers could face problems when an employee moves out. Bringing the concept into exercise is possible with the help of apps that will ... Read More »

Plan to buy best gadgets for your kids

gadgets for kids, tablets, apps, security, Google, games for kids , videos for kids,

Let your kids in the fun. Here’s a list of options if you are thinking of buying a tablet for your little one. They are most certainly our future, not to forget future tech consumers, but there is precious little the consumer technology sector creates that caters specifically to kids and their unique, small needs. What device do you pick ... Read More »

iOS 8 SDK to bring a wave of changes to the platform

iOS 8 SDK, Apple, App Store, App, mobile phone, iOS, rumour, app, apps

Apple announced the release of iOS 8 SDK at WWDC, the largest update so far consisting of 4,000 new APIs WWDC 2014 was detained from June 2 to 6, 2014 at Moscow West in San Francisco. Apple claims were their biggest update until now since the start on of the App Store. The keynote focused on OS X’s latest iteration ... Read More »

Use these 5 apps for details about unknown private caller

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If you’re unaware that the phone is repeatedly harassing her and did not want to receive, information about a number of concerns had not required. There is a figure of smart-phone apps that may be useful. Android and iOS users can get apps in the OS. It’s easy to obtain details of private number information. It does not have any ... Read More »

What will You be Free From Your Weakness?

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It’s time to break your bad habits at all. With the help of mobile apps, you, quit smoking cigarettes, stop biting your nails and shape up your exercise regimen can find a good mover. Here you can break with the help of your smartphone is eight more. 1. Cigarette smoking The addiction is tough to beat. You pills, patches and ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes