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Android Technology-Making your Communicating Device Even More Amazing

Android Technology

Android technology presents its best operating system that is mainly used in the field of computing. This even makes your communicating device even more amazing. Android actually has its operating system, middleware and key applications. The HTC Dream is the first ever used software that is brought by Android technology. This also becomes popular after its launch in the past ... Read More »

Android that Enters the Mobile Development Market


Android is a perfect source platform that is known to many tech-enthusiasts. There are many mobile application developers who make use of Android as their mobile platform. Actually, many of the startups in the market of mobile development rely on the free app technologies and development tools. They find it easy to implement their Android-related development projects. This also meets ... Read More »

Google Publicizes Android Wear Update With Wi-Fi Support, Always-On Apps, And More

Android Wear, Google

It has been a while since Android Wear got any significant up-dates, but nowadays Google is introducing a big one. A new edition of Wear will be moving out over the arriving several weeks that has a number of formerly said functions (like WiFi support) and some all new things (like always-on apps). Most Wear gadgets use the always-on normal ... Read More »

Android’s Recreating Edition OxygenOS, OnePlus New Release

OxygenOS, Oneplus, Android

After a fairly substantial wait, OnePlus has at last launched OxygenOS, its in-house edition of Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop. As guaranteed returning near the begin of the season, this Cyanogen alternative is all about a “back to basics” strategy that keeps factors inventory unless the start-up believes a new function would be truly useful. Right now, that’s mostly restricted ... Read More »

Mobile OS: The Mirage that Engulfs Your Choice

Mobile Phone OS, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Smartphone, Motorola, Android One, Android L, Microsoft, Google

A plethora of mobile platforms are on the cusp of making the smartphone space a lot more intuitive. The smartphone evolution started with Android, then iOS came to fore and at present you have around 4-5 mobile operating systems (OS) that are looking to catch your attention in myriad ways. BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone 8, Firefox OS are some of ... Read More »

Use these 5 apps for details about unknown private caller

smartphones, android, apps, unknown number, mobile phones, ios

If you’re unaware that the phone is repeatedly harassing her and did not want to receive, information about a number of concerns had not required. There is a figure of smart-phone apps that may be useful. Android and iOS users can get apps in the OS. It’s easy to obtain details of private number information. It does not have any ... Read More »

Review: BlackBerry Z3, It’s nice to use worth Rs.15999.00

Android, smartphone, review, app, mobile phone

BlackBerry Z3 it a grouping and it is a lot to go on be conveying. Canadian smartphone maker is a once in a theoretical top management made ​​a household name in the phone that can help you recreate the success of the Curve 8520 is the most affordable BlackBerry 10 device. The phone also offers a cheaper price points, excellent ... Read More »

How to increase battery back up on the Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5, Samsung Mobiles, Android, Tips, Tricks, Mobile Phone Batter

Samsung’s latest smartphone, change these settings to squeeze more juice. The battery life is not for Galaxy S5 owners can breathe easy. Most Android devices available today have some sort of battery saving feature, Samsung’s latest flagship device went above and beyond. Here you on your Galaxy S5 all -day battery life and how much you can get: Power saving ... Read More »

Google Now gets smarter for real-world scenarios

You lose your car or have lost your Internet connection; Google now has a little more helpful. And you get there, it’s time to leave – Google Now, for example, you have a lunch date to remind you that your location, calendar and see things like email, works as a personal assistant is an application for mobile devices. The search ... Read More »

Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phone 8.1

Mobile Phones, Windows Phones, Microsoft, Smartphones, Android

Microsoft this week of its long awaited Windows Phone Remote Desktop app has released the first public release. But it comes with some caveats: it does not include some of the key functionality of the app is a “PreRelease version”. And it will only work on Windows Phone 8.1. Preview of Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows Phone is now available ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes