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Android that Enters the Mobile Development Market


Android is a perfect source platform that is known to many tech-enthusiasts. There are many mobile application developers who make use of Android as their mobile platform. Actually, many of the startups in the market of mobile development rely on the free app technologies and development tools. They find it easy to implement their Android-related development projects. This also meets ... Read More »

Top Android Game Apps for You: Add and Enjoy these Game Apps to Your Android Device!

Android Game Apps

Want to add something new to your Android device? Consider the list of Android game apps listed below! The Banner Saga It is one of those Android game apps Viking-inspired games, but this one is developed by Stoic Studio. It recently made its way to Smartphone devices. The game delivers tactical battles that are fiercer, gorgeous art and a very ... Read More »

Phablets Are Killing Tablets And Phones


It’s been progressively obvious for years: smart phone customers are searching larger cellular phones as they do more on displays just like phablets, and spend less time discussing on the phone. And there’s no sign of the hunger for supersizing cellular devices abating — not according to a new review from Yahoo-owned cellular statistics company Flurry. The company has considered ... Read More »

Android Games Played in PC Without Android Devices

Android Games

There is no doubt that Android has been one of the leading operating systems for mobiles in the entire world. It held and is holding its importance because of its constantly expanding horizon to contain a lot more awesome features. Another thing that makes people switch to these devices is the phone’s user-friendly quality. The Android devices have features that ... Read More »

A Smart Way of Unlocking Your Android Device – Is it Truly Safe?

Android Device

There’s no doubt that every individual in the world wants convenience in almost anything. The question is, would it ever be take place? In this generation, one can say that it is gradually taking place. So, perhaps, lucky are those who will eventually have the full experience of such advancement and complete convenience. But at the moment, companies and technology ... Read More »

You Can Now Deliver Guidelines To Your Phone From Pc Google Search

Google Search

There are a few ways to get guidelines from your computer to a cellphone, but Look for Google just included this useful performance to Look for Google search. Simply look for “send guidelines,” and Look for Google will let you choose a place and system, then you’re good to go. This technique is a bit simpler than Pushbullet because you ... Read More »

Android’s Recreating Edition OxygenOS, OnePlus New Release

OxygenOS, Oneplus, Android

After a fairly substantial wait, OnePlus has at last launched OxygenOS, its in-house edition of Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop. As guaranteed returning near the begin of the season, this Cyanogen alternative is all about a “back to basics” strategy that keeps factors inventory unless the start-up believes a new function would be truly useful. Right now, that’s mostly restricted ... Read More »

Android phones finally get Skype’s picture-in-picture feature

Android, Skype, Mobile Phones

The latest update to the Skype app will now provide Android phones customers to do away with the video talk window and move on to something more fascinating. The picture-in-picture function was already available on Android pills but was long late on mobile phones. Microsof company is now presenting the function on Android operating system via the newest update to ... Read More »

Four Nastiest Errors in Latest gadgets Android Lollipop Version

Android 5.0 Lollipop, OS, Gadgets, Errors, New Version,

Android 5.0 Lollipop is now simultaneous us, and while you might be enjoying at all the new functions you can take benefits of, you might also be cursing at the condition that the new OS has remaining your program in. We’ve rounded up the most typical Android Lollipop issues so far, together with the repairs you can try to get ... Read More »

Gadgets News – Smartphones Generate Double Speed With New Cheap

Gadgets, Technology, Wi-Fi, Tech News

A routine that lets a radio send and collect data at the same time over the same regularity could elevate Wi-Fi bandwidth. A relatively simple circuit developed by scientists at the University of Texas could let smartphones and other Wi-Fi gadgets deliver and get data twice as quick as they do now. The circuit creates it possible for a radio to ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes