Monday , 27 February 2017
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Basic SEO Understanding To Increase Your Web Ranking…

Basic SEO Understanding to Increase your web ranking

Basic SEO is the set of process to increase visibility in search engine. SEO is that the collective term for the ways and ways you employ to create positive search engines will access your web site. You build your web site for user and seo will help to make search engines share your pages with internet users. The Goal of ... Read More »

Facebook is not in, teens hooked to instant messaging

Facebook, Social Media

NEW YORK: A Research including 170,000 web customers across 32 nations has found that more and more youngsters are investing more time on instant messaging apps than on Facebook. Nearly 66% of youngsters (aged 16-19) in the U. S. Declares and England said they were using Facebook less frequently. While the youngsters are not off the public media website completely, ... Read More »

Career Transition -It’s all about the right attitude

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We All Know That Change Is Inevitable. Changing situations in the professional life of a manager often create the desire for a career attitude switch. Every job seeker wants the job he or she likes, at the earliest. While the aspiration for a new job is strong, rarely do we reflect on inculcating the right attitude, which can play a ... Read More »

Search apps in Google, Bing and Yahoo for iOS

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Search engines are the maps of the internet. In that they tell us how to get to where we want to go. If a site doesn’t appear in the first five to ten pages of a search engines results, after that it might since well not live. Google dominates the search space, of course, but Bing is nibbling at its ... Read More »

Get your training right-the nine step way

JM PACT’ training, the term given by Ken Blanchard, a prominent American practitioner seems to fit into the prevailing turbulence and tempting shortcuts in the Training function. Training and Development now gets a third dimension added to it i.e. LEARNING. Fresh insights and learning dynamics call for additional changes in training practice. In the earlier days, preparing for a training ... Read More »

Some new and useful extensions for web browser

free music, Chrome Extension

This fortnight’s most useful tips and add-ons to help you get the most from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more.  Google Chrome Extension Discover and listen to new music for free If you’re weary of playing the same songs from your music collection, you can use the brilliant chrome extension instant Music ( to stream new tunes. It’s little, fast ... Read More »

Moving beyond just listings

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Realty portals are now offering a host of other services to provide you a complete home-buying experience Realty portals have come a long way. They have graduated from offering plain Jane property listing to a host of other services; right from handholding the buyer through the entire property buying process to helping resident welfare associations (RWAs) in creating a social ... Read More »

Get back to work: The smart choice

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Career break is never easy to get the job backside. The re-entry and balancing work and family how to make a simple. Professional networking site LinkedIn as the survey last year, 43 percent of respondents in India working women they would never leave their jobs to become stay-at-home moms. Priti Paul, 46, the director of “Apeejay Surrendra Group” and an ... Read More »

Facebook Next Aim: 1 Billion Users In India

Facebook User, Social Media, News, 100 million, 1 billion

It is done so that, after the United States, other countries – Facebook, the world’s largest social media company in India crossed the 100 million active users. One billion users and it already have in mind for the new figure. 100 million on March 31 “landmark” support of the crossing, Javier Olivan, in charge of global growth company official told ... Read More »

Vine Messaging Feature Will Not Directly Compete with Instagram

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Vine short video sharing service that is set to compete with Instagram has added a new direct messaging feature. Vine users upload, upload short video clips via mobile phone to browse and see that there is a short video sharing based social network. Today, Vine, Android and iOS platforms for the application of the new reform push. Vine messages you ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes