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Android Video Streaming Brought by the Mobile Phone Technology

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Android video streaming is more popular these days as this is brought by the mobile technology. Truly, technology has come a long way in the past few years. Users are allowed to do all of the operations that are normally done on a personal computer. Truly, Android technology is the best among the technologies introduced today.

Just like the computer, the software that is utilized in most mobile devices consists of middleware, key applications and operating system. Android phones feature include of Dalvik virtual machine, application frameworks, optimized graphics, integrated browser, media support, Wi-Fi camera, bluetooth and GPS.

Android phone has its amazing features and best streaming capabilities. This paves for the best Android video streaming of music, movies, and sports events and media footage. Android uses the best technology and allows the best video streaming capabilities.

The most suggested ways of Android video streaming is on using NSWPlayer and Tversity. By trying Android video streaming on Android phone is the best decision to make. There are a few items that must be considered in ensuring that the technology is utilized properly.

Tversity needs to be installed on the PC. NSWPlayer needs to be installed on the Android phone. Handbrake encoder must be used in converting movies and in optimizing a progressive playback. After the items are installed properly, a few things must be considered before encoding the video.

The quality of the video must be kept higher. It is necessary to make sure that the bit rate complements the resolution size. After this is completed, the video is ready to be encoded. The handbrake encoder needs to be set up for minimized resolution and optimized playback quality.

The speed of the process relies on the hardware specification of the personal computer. The user must visit the settings section and enter in the IP address. The phone now has its access to video files.

After the phone and computer are connected, the media player for Android must be installed. This is just the media player that works best for Android. Video streaming is brought after the components are completely installed.

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