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Android that Enters the Mobile Development Market


Android is a perfect source platform that is known to many tech-enthusiasts. There are many mobile application developers who make use of Android as their mobile platform. Actually, many of the startups in the market of mobile development rely on the free app technologies and development tools. They find it easy to implement their Android-related development projects. This also meets the needs of their customers.

Mobile developers that are creating Android apps are relying on Java language. This is used in scripting layer for Android. Actually, this best serves its purpose for writing applications in Perl, Python and many other environments.

With the present developments in Android 4.0 and 2.3, developers get the opportunity of developing their apps. They can develop their apps using Android that support Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Technologies.

Android SDK is also offered to many developers throughout the development process. There is also an environment for testing, writing and debugging mobile applications. For instance, the Eclipse IDE also helps in the entire development process.

Users can customize it through the use of the tools plugin. This plugin helps enhance the quantity and quality of mobile applications for Android.

Android Emulator also ensures an easy and smooth debugging and testing process. This helps developers to best create an environment. This helps stimulate the OS features and mobile devices.

The app developers of Android use framework APIs and take advantage of the C/C++ libraries. These libraries include the SQlite, 3D libraries, SGL graphics engine and other technologies.

Developers of mobile app continue to work on Android app development. This allows them of selling their mobile solutions in the market. As such, Android marketplace is an app store that was launched by Google.

The apps are mainly distributed and created by developers around the world. The store is also proud of two-hundred Android apps that get the attention of the many people. The platform of Android expanded in the development market.  To get a good understanding of Android, read on the article entitled Android Technology-Making your Communicating Device Even More Amazing”. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes