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The Top Most Benefits of Android Applications

Android Applications

The best Android applications are not anymore difficult to obtain from the internet. On the other hand, Android phones are becoming a popular choice among users around the world. The operating system of the phones makes it more attractive among several users.

Based on a survey conducted, Android phones are better than the iPhones. This is because of their stability and performance. The phones get the topmost positions for its Android applications. There are many applications introduced by Android for the unique needs, preference and taste of individuals. These are downloaded at the soonest possible time.

The Android applications are obtained through the help of the internet.  There are other useful applications that are downloaded into these gadgets. These Android applications have their benefits to offer that follow:

Google Sky Map– This is one of the convenient to use and cool applications to use. The phone may be pointed towards the sky while it shows the constellations, stars, planets and more. The celestial objects are identified completely.

Seesmic-This is used by many followers because of its clear purpose of supporting multiple accounts.

Mobile Maps– This is downloaded easily and directly from the Smartphone. This helps you in getting a navigation facility right through your Android phone. This also helps in getting the facility of satellite navigation.

The best thing about this application is that it works like a navigation device. This can be switched on easily right after the turning direction. The phone’s GPS system works by means of plotting the directions.

BeyondPod-This is integrated along with the use of music player. This helps you in effectively finding and managing the audio and video podcasts.

Weather Channel-This application helps you in getting the right weather conditions such as the details of wind speed, humidity and UV index. This also presents its more advanced features such as the weather radar.

Astrid– This helps users in maintaining and following up their lists. This is best integrated into the interface of the Android phone.

There are more Android applications that can be used by every user such as opera mini beta, advanced task killer, Google voice and more. Check out for “Android Video Streaming Brought by the Mobile Phone Technology” to also learn more about details about streaming. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes