Friday , 23 January 2015
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Facebook is not in, teens hooked to instant messaging

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NEW YORK: A Research including 170,000 web customers across 32 nations has found that more and more youngsters are investing more time on instant messaging apps than on Facebook. Nearly 66% of youngsters (aged 16-19) in the U. S. Declares and England said they were using Facebook less frequently. While the youngsters are not off the public media website completely, ... Read More »

Android phones finally get Skype’s picture-in-picture feature

Android, Skype, Mobile Phones

The latest update to the Skype app will now provide Android customers to do away with the video talk window and move on to something more fascinating. The picture-in-picture function was already available on Android pills but was long late on mobile phones. Microsof company is now presenting the function on Android operating system via the newest update to its ... Read More »

Four Nastiest Errors in Latest Android Lollipop Version

Android 5.0 Lollipop, OS, Gadgets, Errors, New Version,

Android 5.0 Lollipop is now simultaneous us, and while you might be enjoying at all the new functions you can take benefits of, you might also be cursing at the condition that the new OS has remaining your program in. We’ve rounded up the most typical Lollipop issues so far, together with the repairs you can try to get your ... Read More »

Apple may fully dump Google for Bing or Yahoo search in Safari

Google Search, Siri, iOS, Microsoft, Tech

It is no key that The apple has been trying to shift away from Look for Google incorporation in its items for a while now. The first shift was to present Siri, which used solutions like Wolfram Leader and Howl for as much as it could, before failure to Look for Google. Then, The apple  eliminated YouTube and Look for ... Read More »

Tech News – Smartphones Generate Double Speed With New Cheap

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A routine that lets a radio send and collect data at the same time over the same regularity could elevate Wi-Fi bandwidth. A relatively simple circuit developed by scientists at the University of Texas could let mobile phones and other Wi-Fi gadgets deliver and get data twice as quick as they do now. The circuit creates it possible for a ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes