Saturday , 20 September 2014
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Share contacts between Android and iOS devices with ContactBox

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Create and download contact lists from iOS to Android Lots of people think that when you move from iOS to Android that you’re going to have to manually type all your old contact’s telephone numbers into your new device. Not only is this a painstakingly slow process if you have a huge number of stored details, there’s also a much ... Read More »

Ten things you need to know about Android camera innovations

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1 Android L camera – Android L’s new camera apk will include a burst mode that can capture 30 frames per second. It will also bring more control over photos, including adjustable exposure time and lens focus distance, and a RAW-style image support called Digital Negative. 2 360-degree photos – If you’re running Android 4.4, make sure you have the Google apps ... Read More »

Health Insurance – Regular check-Ups fix tax stress too

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Making defensive make well a habit could help you not immediately lead a better life but as well save a lot in the long run. Read on to find out With rising levels of stress in daily life, the desire to be fit and healthy too is catching pace. The mantra for healthy living is to listen to the distress ... Read More »

Use external plug-ins in Sunrise Calendar App

Use external plug-ins in Sunrise Calendar App

Sunrise connects with some of the best third-party apps on the Play store Sunrise Calendar App is a new addition to the Google Play store, but it already sits as one of the premier calendar apps available to Android users, second only to the fantastic Gmail. The app offers a minimalist view of your calendar, and although it offers all ... Read More »

Google now just got smarter with Android

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One of the key Android features that has undergone constant change since its debut a couple of years back is Google Now. As an alternative to the standard search function, Google Now provides an enriched and fuller search experience, which also links in well with a plethora of first and third-party apps. In Android L, Google Now has been revamped to ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes