Monday , 27 February 2017
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Android Technology-Making your Communicating Device Even More Amazing

Android Technology

Android technology presents its best operating system that is mainly used in the field of computing. This even makes your communicating device even more amazing. Android actually has its operating system, middleware and key applications. The HTC Dream is the first ever used software that is brought by Android technology. This also becomes popular after its launch in the past ... Read More »

An Interesting Android News Reader Application that Lets You Have Access to the Most Trending News Today

They say that Android news reader application is one application category that is now completely flooded. In the eyes of the consumers, this may give them a lot of benefits. It gives you wide options to choose from. However, this also just makes finding the perfect news reader app harder for you. But, this is only the case before when ... Read More »

Android Video Streaming Brought by the Mobile Phone Technology

Android Video Streaming, . Android phones

Android video streaming is more popular these days as this is brought by the mobile technology. Truly, technology has come a long way in the past few years. Users are allowed to do all of the operations that are normally done on a personal computer. Truly, Android technology is the best among the technologies introduced today. Just like the computer, ... Read More »

Android that Enters the Mobile Development Market


Android is a perfect source platform that is known to many tech-enthusiasts. There are many mobile application developers who make use of Android as their mobile platform. Actually, many of the startups in the market of mobile development rely on the free app technologies and development tools. They find it easy to implement their Android-related development projects. This also meets ... Read More »

The Top Most Benefits of Android Applications

Android Applications

The best Android applications are not anymore difficult to obtain from the internet. On the other hand, Android phones are becoming a popular choice among users around the world. The operating system of the phones makes it more attractive among several users. Based on a survey conducted, Android phones are better than the iPhones. This is because of their stability ... Read More »

Top Android Game Apps for You: Add and Enjoy these Game Apps to Your Android Device!

Android Game Apps

Want to add something new to your Android device? Consider the list of Android game apps listed below! The Banner Saga It is one of those Android game apps Viking-inspired games, but this one is developed by Stoic Studio. It recently made its way to Smartphone devices. The game delivers tactical battles that are fiercer, gorgeous art and a very ... Read More »

Phablets Are Killing Tablets And Phones


It’s been progressively obvious for years: smart phone customers are searching larger cellular phones as they do more on displays just like phablets, and spend less time discussing on the phone. And there’s no sign of the hunger for supersizing cellular devices abating — not according to a new review from Yahoo-owned cellular statistics company Flurry. The company has considered ... Read More »

Screen Recording App SCR Drawn From Play Store And Developer’s Account Shut Without Warning

Screen Recording App

Google has been clamping down on what developers can do in the Play Store as of delayed, and the newest sufferer seems to be screen recording app SCR. Both the compensated and 100 % free editions vanished the other day, and the designer has described on XDA that Google eliminated them and shut his developer account consideration. He claims he ... Read More »

Microsoft Will Enable Easy Slots Of Android Apps To Microsoft Windows 10

Android Apps

It might shock you to learn that the Android staff does not work on a sequence of networked Chromebook Pixels linked with Google’s sentient God-Cloud. Not at all, most of us use Microsoft Windows for daily publishing and other general technical stuff. So it’s awfully exciting that Microsoft is making a force to bring Android apps to its various Microsoft ... Read More »

Google’s Project Fi App Comes In The Play Store To Totally free Your Smartphone (As Lengthy As It’s A Nexus 6)

Project Fi App

Google lengthy anticipated support provider performs was declared lately as Project Fi, an MVNO operating on Sprint and T-Mobile that will start as a Nexus 6 unique. The formal Project Fi app is now reside in the Play Store—not that it will do you a lot of excellent without an encourage, which no one seems to have yet. Project Fi ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes